Social and political issues make up a major part of an individual's identity, and these issues in turn impact the world we live in through discourse, hegemony, and eventually, public policy. These policies have the power to create substantial consequences on our lives, especially pertaining to social issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, race relations, and climate change—among others. 

Fifth Wheel Wear is a company focused on weaving the relationship between social and political issues together by encouraging self-expression through design and fashion. This is accomplished by allowing political and social identity to be expressed through campaign-style items like patches, stickers, and buttons. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and create new discourse. Additionally, once the company becomes profitable, a portion of the proceeds from items surrounding specific social issues will be donated to the relevant charities. 

Fifth Wheel Wear is individually ran by Detroit-area graphic designer Haley Weigman.